White Label SST Studies

Run the best SST studies as your own

Quite a few trading groups run my studies. If you see value in one or more of my custom studies to be used by your trading group or you want to sell your own coaching/trading program which includes custom study access, we can have a talk to discuss the possibilities.

Your brand, your clients

With this White Label option the studies of your choice will be renamed, rebranded and re-bundled as required.

As white label license owner you deal with Frederik and your customers will continue to do business with you. SST is not involved with any customer interaction and remains invisible for them.

Minimum numbers apply and bulk discounts compared to my regular license pricing are available.

Manage study access

Access to your white label study bundle for your customers can be fully controlled on your own SST profile page. The White Label License can be purchased for lifetime access or as a recurring subscription and is valid for a preset number of customers. Smaller groups can be easily managed from your own SST Profile page.

API for study access

For larger groups or integrated requirements, it is now also possible to integrate white label study access through the API. A developer of your website can use this API to manage study access to white label studies for your users. With this you can create your own license activation page or remove users when they are no longer a member of your community. Check the API reference to see which API calls are available and let me know if you like something added.

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