SST Account Page FAQ

Why do you need my SC account name for study access?

The SC account name is used for automated study distribution. This is currently the only way that SC supports custom study distribution. Your SC account will be safely stored on the SST backend and not used for anything else.

In general there is little risk in sharing your SC account with third party developers. A malicious party would still need to get access to your password to do anything. Even in this case the options are limited to what can be done.

It is always required to use proper password and cyber security practices. Be careful what you click and download, never re-use your passwords for other services, always use a strong password. Read my e-book to know more.

How can I activate a SST Study license key?

Activation of your SST license key is done on your SST profile page. This is a simple 4-step process. Read about it in this blogpost. The activation instructions can also be found in the email that contains the license key. This email was send after you completed the purchase or trial download.

My activation does not work. What can I do?

  • Check the error message. In most cases the message is quite clear as to what the problem is.

  • Make sure to use the correct SC account name. Your SC account name can quickly be found by clicking on the Menu Help >> About inside SC as seen in the below image.

I activated my license key but I cannot find the Study. What can I do?

  • First make sure you run a recent version of SC. Most will be using version higher than 2285, just make sure you do as well.

  • Also make sure to not run SC in SAFE mode. Custom studies will not be available in when using SAFE mode. SAFE mode can be checked and unchecked on the SC login window.

  • After license activation Sierra Chart should be restarted. Make sure that your SC account allows for automated downloads (this is the default). This link will bring you to your SC account page where you can see if automated downloads is enabled. You should also see SST studies that are activated for your account.

  • Inside SC you can check the custom study list by going to menu Analysis >> Studies >> Add Custom studies. The Add custom studies button will show a list of study bundles. Make sure to click the - sign on any bundle that might be expanded. You should see the SST study in the list. Click the + sign to expand the list of studies that are contained inside the custom study bundle.

  • Still have issues? Reply to the receipt email and I will help you out. You can also contact me through the contact form on the main website.

I have a new SC account. How can I get access to the SST studies I previously bought?

This works just like activating your license. Login to your SST profile page, go to the "License Activation" Tab. Fill in your new SC account Name and study license key in the license activation form and click the activate license button. You will need to do this for every study that you want to access with your new SC account.

Can I buy and activate a study license for another SC user?

Yes you can. The study license key is associated with the SST user that activates the license. At activation the license will be assigned to a SC account name. The SST user can change assignment for 5 times. You can buy a study license and activate it for another SC account name. If you are looking to sell licenses to other users you might want to get in touch and discuss some white label options.

How can I reset my SST password?

The reset password option for the SST website is only relevant for users that use an email and password combination to login. In case you are using a social login option this section is not relevant.

In case you are not logged on you can use the "Lost Password" link on the login page. Fill out your email address and you will quickly receive a password reset link.

In case you are logged in you can change the password in your profile settings tab. Click the "Generate Password" button. This will generate a random, but strong password. It is possible to type in your own password as well. Click "Update Profile" button and your new password will be saved.

How can I remove the FreeBundle from my computer?

Login to your SST profile page, go to the "FreeBundle" Tab and click the remove button to decouple your SC account name from the FreeBundle. After this is done you can remove the SST_FreeBundle dll file form your SC Data Folder on your computer. After your next SC restart the FreeBundle will no longer automatically download.

How can I remove any other SST study from my computer?

You can remove the SST study dll's from your SC Data Folder. Once your license has expired these files will no longer automatically download.

Can my SST profile and all my data be removed from the SST website and backend?

Sure, just send me an email and I can take care of that.

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