Services FAQ

What Sierra Chart Services do you offer?

The About Page on the main website is pretty clear on the services that are offered. The services section on the left column of this page also has a few pages dedicated to the available SST services.

Do you guarantee that I will make money when I use your tools?

Seriously? No. Do your own research. The studies that are offered should be seen as tools. You are handling the tools, so you as a trader are fully responsible.

Can I become an affiliate for your studies?

For sure. You can become a affiliate for my products on gumroad and receive a 20% commission on sales made through your own affiliate link. In case you have a few trading buddies or otherwise reach a few interested traders that buy my products you can make your money back and some. Affiliates that do not generate sales after 12 months will be removed. Hit me up through the contact form on the main website to start a conversation about affiliating for my products.

Do you offer any ready made trading systems?

Not at the moment. The SST AT study bundle does however allow you to create almost any system you want.

Do you offer a signal service?

Nope. But you can become your own trade signal provider with some of my tools. Check this out or get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Do you only code for the Sierra Chart trading platform?

Yes. I like to focus and making cool Sierra Chart tools I think is the best use of my time.

Do you offer insane discounts or run a Black Friday sale?

Nope. Sales or huge discounts for no good reason are not the kind of marketing tactic you will see being used at SST. Huge discounts are a disrespect for my earliest supporters and devaluate my work in general. Value for existing customers is more important than to hook some new lead.

Are you active on social media?

Yes you can reach out on twitter.

I have seen this guy on twitter and he makes a lot of money. Can you make me what he has?

Go away please. Thanks.

What is the best way to contact you?

Through the contact form on my website.

What is a lifetime license?

You will be able to use the custom SC study for as long as SC exists. You assigned SC account name will continue to have access. You will always be able to adjust the assigned SC account name on your SST profile page.

Where can I find the study documentation?

This documentation site and the SST blog will continue to grow with some more explainer videos and documentation. The SST custom studies also have some explanation within the study documentation. You can click the study description button within SC to have a look. This is explained in this doc article.

I followed all the instructions, but I can not see the study. What can I do now?

Check this FAQ for the answer.

I have a new computer. How can I get access to the SST studies again?

Just start SC and give it a minute to auto download your custom studies. Your SC account is linked to the SST study access. Whenever the study file is not present SC will automatically download it.

Can I use the SST studies on more than one computer?

Yes. Your SST study access is linked to your SC account name. It doesn't matter where your computer is located. If you have a Sierra Chart account that allows to use SC on multiple IP addresses at the same time you will also be able to use the SST studies assigned to your SC account name.

Can you convert an indicator from Tradingview?

Yes, as long as you have the source code available or know exactly how calculations are performed.

Can you convert an indicator from Tradestation?

Yes, as long as you have the source code available or know exactly how calculations are performed.

Can you convert an indicator from Thinkorswim?

Yes, as long as you have the source code available or know exactly how calculations are performed.

How much are you charging for custom work?

I normally quote a $USD amount based on the project. My hourly rate currently is $100.

Do I get the source code?

For custom development work where no SST proprietary coding is used, source code delivery is possible. This is normally part of the quotation process.

Do you work with NDA's?

Sure. If you feel like you want to have me sign an NDA, just let me know. Refer to the privacy FAQ here.

Is our communication confidential?

100%. This is explained here as well.

What is dll only delivery?

Custom coding work with dll only delivery means you will get a lifetime license for one SC account name to the compiled study file (the dll). You will be able to use the study for your SC account name just like a lifetime license for any of my other available custom studies. The study license can also be managed inside your SST profile page.

What is source code delivery?

Custom coding work with source code delivery means that besides the compiled study file (the dll) and lifetime usage license on this file, you will also get the source code file delivered. With the source file it is possible to make changes to the study file. Adjustments to the source code will need recompilation into a new study dll file before the changes take effect. Source code delivery is available on most custom coding work.

Can I sell my custom study after you made it?

With source code delivery you can do whatever you want. With standard dll delivery the access to the custom study is restricted. There are several options to make this available for additional users as well if that is your request. This will depend entirely of how you wish to sell your custom study. Let me know and I will walk you through the options.

Do you offer partnerships?

I am always open for partnerships. Let me know what you have in mind.

Can I sell your studies to my own group of traders or clients?

For sure. There are several options available. All depending on your requirements and circumstances.

  • You can white label my studies in case you do not want SST visible in your own onboarding process. White labeling is the best way to adjust some of the available SST studies to match with your own group or business and sell them together with some educational material or trading room access. As a white label client you do business with SST and your clients do business with you and won't even know SST is involved. More on the white label service can be found here.

  • Another option is to create a private study bundle and use my shop and backend to provide your group with access to a certain study bundle. We can agree on a revenue split and I take care of the study distribution and customer support.

  • Alternatively you can also become an affiliate for my work and promote certain studies in your trading group.

Can you offer a real-time data service?

Yes. I have some custom work and backend available that can be used to bring outside data into Sierra Chart as well as export data from Sierra Chart into some other API.

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