Where can I find the FreeBundle?

Get the SST FreeBundle of Sierra Chart studies within 2 minutes after reading this.

Quick step by step guide to get access to the SST FreeBundle of solid custom Sierra Chart studies.

Quick Access Steps

  • Click the "Get The FreeBundle" button on the SST website and fill out your email address

  • Watch your email inbox for instructions

  • Register on the SST website

  • Login to your profile page and activate the FreeBundle access

  • Restart Sierra Chart to automatically download the study bundle

  • Done! You can start using the studies.

Contents of the FreeBundle 👇

Detailed Write up

1. Opt-in

By opting-in through a form on the main SST website you will receive an email with information to register for the SST website.

2. Register & Login

Clicking the link will bring you to the registration page.

After a quick and painless registration (you can use social accounts as well) and subsequently login to the site, you will arrive on your own profile page.

3. Click on the FreeBundle tab.

4. Fill form & Click

On your profile page FreeBundle Tab you will need to fill in your SC Accountname and click the "Assign account" button.

In case you do not know your SC account name, you can quickly go to the SC menu Help >> About inside SC as seen in the picture below and read your SC account name.

5. Restart SC

Assigning your SC AccountName on your profile page will set you up for access to the FreeBundle, you only need to restart Sierra Chart in order to automatically download the study bundle.

6. Use the Bundle

Finding the study bundle is easy, it will be available in the list of studies when you attempt to add a custom study (Analysis >> Studies >> Add Custom Study). Make sure to to toggle the "-" signs of other bundles so the SST_FreeBundle is visible in your list.

Make sure you do NOT run SC in safe mode. Custom studies do not work when you run SC in Safe Mode. Also make sure you run a recent version of SC.

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