Automated Trading Setups

Do it Yourself (DIY) or maybe not ...

Automated trading in SC

There are a few ways to go about automated trading in SC.

  • There is a built-in study with spreadsheets that allows you to do a few things.

  • If you are a programmer, there is the possibility to create a custom study that does exactly what you want.

  • Another option is to use tools from third party developers like myself. An AT system made with ACSIL (the SC custom study language) is faster than a spreadsheet based system and can have more custom functionality.

I have created the SST AT Study Bundle that will make things a bit easier for most of you. The SST AT study inside this bundle is not a small study (it uses the maximum number (128) of inputs a custom study can have) and requires some time to get to know it.

I created this custom AT study bundle based on my own Automated Trading requirements and some general requirements from work I did in creating specific trading systems for private clients. The SST AT and the other studies in the bundle are made so you can create your own system and quickly test run your trade idea.

You can try it out with a free trial. The SST AT is mainly a DIY bundle. You can use the SST blogs and videos as examples to get started and try your own ideas.

AT chartbooks / consulting / custom work

In case you are stuck or do not have the time to figure things out, you can also contact me for some consulting and chartbook adjustments. This is not a free service.

Follow up with me to see if you need any help or require a custom signal or support study to automate your trading edge. The best way to get started is getting in touch and start a conversation.

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