What is a SubGraph?

An SG is true power

The simple concept of a SubGraph (SG) is one of the things that makes SC so flexible and powerful as a trading platform.

A (Study) SG is best described as a placeholder for a value. When you see for example a moving average study on a chart, it is nothing more than an array of values. A SG has a value in it's array for every bar on the chart. Price itself is an array with price values for every bar. A simple moving average SG is an array with SMA values for every bar on the chart. And so on.

The selected draw style on the study SG determines how these values are displayed. Each individual value is captured and available as a reference by using it’s SG. With SC built-in studies you can perform basic calculations and construct alerts using any study SG. You can use simple alert conditions with basic arithmetic operators, referencing other studies and some limited built-in functions.

SG's from different studies can be combined in alert conditions. Simple alert conditions provide a way to create your own monitoring tools for interesting conditions. Obviously a custom study SG can be constructed as required. Lots of flexibility for SC users.

Read up on Simple Alert conditions here.

Some SG facts:

  • A custom SC study can have a maximum of 60 SG's

  • ID0 is the main price graph

  • When no ID is used the SG references the chart for chart level conditions or the study for study level conditions

  • ID0.SG1 = Open

  • ID0.SG2 = High

  • ID0.SG3 = Low

  • ID0.SG4 = Close

  • ID0.SG22 = Renko open

  • ID0.SG23 = Renko Close

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