How to add an ACS Button to a control bar?

Advanced Custom Study (ACS) Buttons can easily be added to your control bar.

Some custom studies that are offered at SST use ACS buttons to get a trigger form user interaction (pushing a button). To use these custom studies properly you will need to add an ACS to your control bar.

Let me quickly explain how this is done.

In SC menu go to Global Settings >> Customize Control Bar >> Control Bar

Setup window

A setup window will pop-up which allows you to add certain button functionality to your control bar.

Adding buttons

Select "Advanced Custom Study Buttons" on the left side and click the desired number you wish to add to you bar. Click the "Add" button. The right-hand side of the window shows you the buttons that are currently present on your control bar.

Reference number

Each ACS button has a certain number. This reference number is used to identify the button. In most cases you will need to use that reference number in the custom study settings that require you to setup and ACS button.

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