Sierra Chart FAQs

Some SC questions I see a lot.
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How much does Sierra Chart cost?

The price of the Sierra Chart software and data for Sierra Chart depends upon what Data or Trading service you will be using Sierra Chart with and what Service Package you choose.
Sierra Chart supports many external Data and Trading services, including Sierra Chart's own Data services.
Considering all the functionality SC provides, Sierra Chart usage is very fairly priced and starts at $26/month without data and increases depending on the package you select. There is a discount based on the number of months that are purchased at once, resulting in even more competitive pricing. Details on Sierra Chart packages can be found here.

Is Sierra Chart hard to learn?

For some learning to work with Sierra Chart can be a challenge. Especially in the first couple of days. Just take your time and read through the documentation and click those buttons, you will know what you are doing soon enough. The SC supportboard is also useful in finding out some answers to things other users experienced problems with. My e-book can also serve to get to know the most important parts of Sierra Chart quickly. The most important thing is to become confident in using your trading platform. Learn by doing.

Can I trade Bitcoin with Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart can be used to trade on BitMex. With SC you will have access to market data from the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Deribit.

Can I create a trading bot with Sierra Chart?

For sure Sierra Chart has automated trading capabilities. You can use some built-in Sierra Chart studies to perform some simple automation. You can also use the SST Automated Trading study bundle to create your own trading system.

Can I use Sierra Chart from my phone?

Sierra Chart is a desktop software. You could run some kind of remote access app from your phone, but it's unlikely that will be very efficient with trading the futures markets.
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